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chance to win $50,000!


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Clue #1: Image of

Its name it stole
and history kept.
Perhaps from a creature
that lives on the steppe?


Often paired with chocolate,
hence why we chose it.
We’ll keep the suspense
’til everyone knows it.


History is divided
on how they came to exist.
A shepherd? A sailor?
There’s no easy fix.


At breakfast or late night,
this flavor gains fame.
Or once every day when
they’re one and the same!


You’ll wish you could
taste these anywhere.
But for now you might find
them at the county fair.


A crispy crunch
is how this flavor starts,
to be in the game
you’ll need all of your smarts!


Image: OREO Cookie

Icon: Padlock Unlocks Next Monday
October 28, 2019!


Image: OREO Cookie

Icon: Padlock Unlocks Monday
November 4, 2019!

The Clue is in the Creme

Mystery OREO is your chance to indulge
your inner detective. So, grab a pack*,
take a bite, and use your powers of
deduction (and your taste buds) to solve
this playful mystery!

*To enter without making a purchase, see Official Rules.

Mystery OREO packaging